Mad Catz Rock Band M.I.C. Review

February 5th, 2009

After our look at the Mad Catz Bass Guitar earlier this week, it’s time for our second look at the Mad Catz Accessory range for Rock Band, reviewed by us from TRW – guys with some real rock music experience.

That said, there’s not much we can say about microphones – in TRW we don’t use them for vocals, only for recording guitar. Back in the day the three of us used to be in a Punk Rock group and I was the singer, which meant a lot of contact with mics. From that experience I can tell you one thing right away: The standard Rock Band microphones don’t resemble your average stage mic whatsoever.

If I had to pick out problems with the standard Rock Band Microphone that wouldn’t be the number one issue, though. In a hectic party situation, all the Singer often does is select difficulty and sing – yet you’re required to keep a controller synced to the machine at all times to make these vital selections, burning through batteries and forcing the singer to constantly bend down and press A between songs.

In steps Mad Catz once again to solve the problems of Rock Band players everywhere with their M.I.C. – meaning Microphone with Integrated Controller. That’s right; this Rock Band accessory is a Microphone and a controller in one – allowing you to plug it in via USB and ditch that controller once and for all!

The controller is a realistic 1:1 interpretation of your average stage mic, too, making that fake rock experience just a little more realistic looking, and perfect for those with slightly bigger hands. The controller portion features all the buttons necessary to navigate through Rock Band’s menus – all the controller face buttons, leaving only the triggers and the sticks unrepresented.

To stop clumsy players from pausing their rocking-out mid song by gripping the mic too hard, the mic also includes a ‘lock’ – allowing the player to stop face buttons from functioning at all while you’re in the moment. The mic comes equipped with a 9 foot cable, more than adequate to allow for a bit of mic swinging while you’re rocking out.

The Bass Guitar was perhaps an option for Rock Band aficionados who play a lot of the game and want a new challenge. The mic, however, has become essential to our play. It saves controller batteries; it looks better, feels better and is more functional. Sure, it doesn’t sound any better – but for some people, that may be more of a blessing than a curse.

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