Frog’s Theme (Chrono Trigger)

October 4th, 2008

What with Square Enix announcing that Chrono Trigger will be rereleased on the DS, we figured it’s about time that we released this track that we’ve been sitting on for a little while now. Frog is one of my favorite RPG characters ever. He’s an awesome character – and he has an awesome, awesome theme.

Similarly, Chrono Trigger is one of the best games ever made, with one of the best soundtracks ever made. We originally entered this track into a competition on the Penny Arcade Debate & Discourse Forum in a Cover competition which we surprisingly won! Thanks to all the guys at PAForums, and this one goes out to all the great musicians on that board!

From a musical standpoint, this track has a lot of synthesised parts alongside the live instruments. There’s some strings, some brass, and a single piccolo flute, all played in via a MIDI keyboard. I felt we had to keep these, as if we didn’t we’d lose the slightly medieval, epic orchestral quality of the original. The live rock instruments were, as usual, recorded in a single session. Everything came out pretty well, and I love – love how the drums in particular came out on this track. Download and streaming player below.

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Did You Know?
In the Japanese version of Chrono Trigger, Frog is called Kaeru – literally a Japanese word for a Frog.

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12 Responses to “Frog’s Theme (Chrono Trigger)”

  1. golts Says:


  2. iGy Says:

    Very nice, love it 🙂

  3. SuitGuy Says:

    How do I download this song? When I press download, Firefox opens a new tab that plays the song, but no download options appear.

    Fantastic music BTW.

  4. APZonerunner Says:

    Right click & save as. 🙂 Or file > save page as when you’re in the tab that plays the song.

  5. MoNyOh Says:

    I LOOOOVE this arrangement, you guys MUST do something with Magus Theme!!!

  6. nihonjon Says:

    Thanks a lot for the great work! Awesome rendition! I now have a very badass ringtone.

  7. Dragunov-21 Says:

    You guys are great… Looks like The Black Mages have competition… Keep it up!

  8. Ryusho Says:


  9. Anonymous Says:

    I think this song is great and the rest of your songs are great!

    Also I think “Theme of Starfox” would be great with your songs 😛

  10. Fantasyman Says:

    The best game ever and very good sound in this game. Now i most play it agen xD

  11. Gry Says:

    Love it=D more chrono cross:)

  12. Whiplash! Says:

    Oh guys… this is just EPIC! Really, I’m very very impressed.

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