Cornered! (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)

April 1st, 2009

This track was originally submitted for (and was the winner!) of a Phoenix Wright Arrangement Competition over on Gyakusheets, a Phoenix Wright sheet music website. I’d been meaning to play the Phoenix Wright games for some time but when I finally played them the thing that struck me most wasn’t the funny writing, the nice sprites or the clever (if simple) gameplay, but the amazing, amazing music.

This track is a pretty much direct cover of the music heard when you’ve finally got your suspect ‘Cornered!’ in court and they’re beginning to panic and weave even more far-fetched lies. We make use of our staples – Guitars, Organs, Drums, Bass, a bit of soloing, 3 part harmonies – all the stuff a lot of you have come to expect from our tracks.

Believe me when I say that the game itself is as exciting as the music that’s used. There’s many, many more standout tracks from Phoenix Wright, and I recommend you try it. We’re almost certain to pick out some more Phoenix Wright music in the future… it just rocks that much.

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Did You Know?
The Phoenix Wright games in the USA were released on DS, but the series actually began life on the Game Boy Advance in Japan. The first three games were later ported to the DS with touchscreen functionality added.

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11 Responses to “Cornered! (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)”

  1. cloudvii Says:

    This piece has lots of arrangments but this is really the best arrangment I have seen for that game 🙂

    Keep the good work 😉

  2. XTremo Says:

    I´m a sapanish fan of FW:AA and this is the best arrangement I ever heard. AWESOME!!

    Can you play this song? It hasn´t any arragement version – The King of Dragons – Battle on a Mountain Peak

  3. ya1 Says:

    Amazing amazing amazing!!!!! You guys are wicked!

  4. theultimateonejps Says:

    Can you give me a download for the mp3 of this awesome arrangement? I want to use it for a video on Youtube. Thanks!

  5. APZonerunner Says:

    Download in this very post! The link to the song – right click, save as!

  6. Gry Says:

    awesome:) you should do the “objection!”-theme to! from the first phoenix wright i mean:)

  7. Brown the dog Says:

    There aren’t much words to describe this piece’s epicness. Both versions of Cornered (Normal and Variant) together, the Edgeworth Objection that joins them, the feel that you finally caught the guilty- and that Edgeworth wants evidence to back up such a theory- It’s all in one: this amazing piece of rock. Congratulations. I hope I’ll hear a “Announce the Truth” remix that’s as great as this.

  8. Ebonclad Says:

    You know, I was looking at the entries for the recent contest on Gyakusheets, and I thought “somebody should do an epic version of Cornered! with guitars and such, because that would inevitably result in concentrated awesome in music form”.

    Then I found this.

    You guys? You rock. 😀

  9. AlexRocker Says:

    Nice Lyrics 🙂
    Seriously, very good job!

  10. War-overlord Says:

    Amazing. I hope you cover more Ace Attorney music in the future, there’s plenty of gems to choose from.

  11. dolorousedda Says:

    Wow. Definitely the best song to choose out of all the ones used in the earlier Phoenix Wright games. Great work. ^^

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