Clash on the Big Bridge (Final Fantasy V)

February 6th, 2009

We’re back with yet another Battle Theme from the end of the Final Fantasy series now officially definied as ‘retro.’ Sandwiched between the fourth and sixth entries in the series, Final Fantasy V is often majorly overlooked, but if anyone remembers one thing from FF5, it’s this – The Clash on the Big Bridge.

Literally taking place on an area of the map called “The Big Bridge”, this section sees you going through continuous battles with this track looping until you reach Gilgamesh in his first of many appearances in the FF series. This track is a classic, really, yet another piece of true genius from Nobuo Uematsu. Because of this, we don’t mess with what isn’t broken, and do a fairly straight cover of the original – two loops – a second pass so that Lloyd can solo a little, as he so loves to do.

I’m really pleased now as I’ve finally managed to perfect an organ sound I like, and one that mimics the Black Mages a little, great for use in those Final Fantasy battle tunes. Expect to hear the organ a lot more in the future! The organ is the sole synth part in this, though… we wanted to keep it simple. Or as simple as you can get with three guitars, two organs, bass and drums. Which isn’t very when you’re mixing it!

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Did You Know?
Gilgamesh is now one of the most recurring characters in the Final Fantasy series, appearing as both an enemy and a summonable esper.

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2 Responses to “Clash on the Big Bridge (Final Fantasy V)”

  1. Catman of The TURKS Says:

    I relly liked this, you did a really good job! Especially the organ part, I am amazed at how you even play that so flawlessly (I am in the process of learning it as well and will propose that to the rest of the TURKS :P)
    Keep up with the great job! I’ll be checking this site for news 🙂

  2. mjs3788 Says:

    it rocks. the song was good before, you’ve made it flawless.

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