Ahead on Our Way (Final Fantasy VII)

July 6th, 2009

Final Fantasy VII again. There’s something about this game – while I prefer FF9’s soundtrack, FF7 has some truly phoenomenal pieces of music that give me shivers. This is one such tune. Ahead on Our Way is one of the stand-out tracks from FF7 that isn’t a pumping battle theme like Aerith’s Theme.

As with most of the Final Fantasy tracks we cover, this one is by the amazing Nobuo Uematsu. He really captures the feel of that segment of the game where the party is getting a rest from the fast-paced events of the game for the first time in the appropriately named town of Kalm. Here we’ve got some synthesised strings via keyboard throughout the track as well as some piano later on.

The bulk of the track is carried by soothing guitar, with ‘backing’ guitar picked and strummed and lead guitar punching through with a bit of reverb just to make it sound right with the feel of the track. We did try to turn this one into a bit of a power ballad after experimenting with different styles, so the track ‘builds up’ into a big climax with everything getting bigger until it all quiets down for an understated finish.

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Did You Know?
Ahead on Our Way is the first proper ‘town’ music in Final Fantasy VII, despite appearing around halfway through the first disc. With the party trapped inside Midgar for the early part of the game, it’s a while before the party enters FF7’s first traditional FF town – Kalm – which is where Cloud tells his story of what happened On that Day, Five Years Ago…

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10 Responses to “Ahead on Our Way (Final Fantasy VII)”

  1. Angelica Says:

    Well 😀 I rather enjoyed this one, you should do FFVIII music too, don’t forget it had phenomenal tracks too!!!

  2. Wille Says:

    Awesome song. This sure brings back good memories. I’m looking forward to more amazing music from you.=D

  3. David Says:

    I didn’t expect to love that sooo much!

    I’m waiting for a Still More Fighting cover! 😉

    And how come there aren’t any Chocobo song?! :O

    Oh where’s the FF9 Battle theme?! 🙁
    It’s my favourite of your immense covers.

  4. Gilgamesh Says:

    Don’t forget about my epic duels, Where I Gilgamesh, Clash On The Big Bridge!

  5. joshoimo Says:

    great job! i love you guys!
    i wish you had an album i could buy or some upcoming shows near rochester ny.

  6. Niiro Says:

    I love your covers, im really wondering where i can get this saved on my pc!

  7. Niiro Says:

    You should do a cover of the FF VIII battle theme, as well as the Balamb Garden theme, and Laguna’s theme “The man With the Machine Gun”

  8. Niiro Says:

    You guys are amazing. I think youd be able to do a pretty good SeeD theme from FFVIII. Prove me right!

  9. Centurious Says:

    Great Cover. This piece has always been overshadowed by the battle scores. Great Work.

  10. Razik Says:

    Lord captain Cecil would be proud.

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