Alex Donaldson ~ Arrangement, Keyboards, Drums
Sam Patrick ~ Arrangement, Guitar, Bass
Lloyd Brown ~ Arrangement, Guitar, Bass


The Red Wings are a band made up of three Birmingham-based punk rock band members that take the music from their favourite videogames and arrange it for rock instruments in varying styles from heavy, driven punk/metal to soft, acoustic rock. By using guitar, bass, drums, and a selection of synthesised instruments played via keyboard, the band aim to create music that is recognisably videogame music, but also markedly different.

Each and every piece the band creates is individually arranged, with new sections often added or existing sections heavily edited. The band believe that the advantage of playing videogame music is in the emotions it evokes – nostalgia and memories of years of gaming, be it from recent Playstation 2 games or the old-fashioned bleeps of the NES. A wide variety of musical styles can also be explored within the wider genre of videogame music, providing interesting and constantly changing challenges for the band.

The story of the band began in 2006, when the three members were in another local punk-rock band together. All three shared a love of gaming and game music and that year discovered Nobuo Uematsu’s The Black Mages, a rock group led by the composer of the Final Fantasy series dedicated to covering Final Fantasy music in a rock style. Inspired by the Black Mages, the three began arranging, covering and recording videogame music for their own enjoyment. Two years on, and after discovering such videogame cover bands as Powerglove and Armcannon and other soloist rock cover projects such as CarboHydroM and Nanaki’s View, the band decided to actually begin releasing their arrangements via MySpace.

As a nod to The Black Mages, their initial inspiration, the decided their name should be similar and also inspired by Final Fantasy – and thus the three became The Red Wings.

The band is now looking into opportunities to perform live and is in the process of putting together a full backing band to fill the various parts the three members play on recordings. To get in contact with the band, head to the contact page.