A Premonition/Chrono Trigger (Chrono Trigger)

July 31st, 2008

At last. It has come to pass. What, you ask? Of course, I’m referring to Square Enix’s announncement that they are to re-release (or port in this case) the SNES classic Chrono Trigger to the DS. This is exciting for us in particular, as we are in Europe, that barren wasteland that in the days of the SNES never saw release of games such as Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy, in part because of Square’s localization teams lacking the ability to do so, and in part because back in those days, this was Sega-land.

So at last, Chrono Trigger announced. This combined with the many requests from our friend Craig to cover another track from the game (his favourite ever) finally made us look at the game’s music once more and get off our asses and do it. As we’ve already done the best piece of music in the game, Frog’s Theme (download coming soon!) it was a toss-up between this and Wind Scene. This slightly won out. But Wind Scene will also be coming. In time

This track has a lot of synth parts in it. The entire “Premonition” track is synth, and then throughout “Chrono Trigger” there’s a lot of quieter synth parts to help keep it close to the original. One major difference is where the original piece ‘pulls back’ and gets quieter, ours just gets louder and louder, building up to an even bigger ending. We had to. We are a rock band, after all.

Did You Know?
The original character in Chrono Trigger was meant to be called Chrono, but the game engine couldn’t handle a name that long for the English language version. As such, the h was dropped, and he was renamed Crono. In the subsequent PS1 release despite longer names being allowed, Chrono was still a blacklisted name – the game wouldn’t let you have it even if you swapped o’s for 0’s and so on. Press at this year’s E3 confirmed that the DS version will be the same, true to the original.

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8 Responses to “A Premonition/Chrono Trigger (Chrono Trigger)”

  1. Sensai Says:

    Good stuff, guys. Thanks!

    Also: is there any album artwork to go along with this stuff? I’ve made a pretty shotty custom one, but it’s just of the logo on a black background, haha.

    Thanks again! I’ll stay tuned!

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  3. SCL Says:

    Great Job! The guitar phrasing was a little off, but the whole track is an astounding effort! Nice Job!

  4. Dezu Says:

    Amazing! Love it!

  5. Valhalen Says:

    A tear fell from my eye, really. Epic stuff. XD

  6. Wizpal Says:

    Beautiful T_T made me cry at least twice

  7. Mister Says:

    You guys rock. You should do ‘Time’s Scars,’ the intro from Chrono Cross.

  8. Jean Says:

    Omg so cool and epic *-*

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